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Dreamy benefits for those who dream big.

It’s time to believe. More choice, better benefits, and savings of up to 60%. Get unbelievably better benefits that work harder for you and your wallet.
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Imagine loving your healthcare benefits.

People don’t want health insurance - they want healthCARE. Many health insurance companies have long fallen short on providing this promise and have left the independent workforce behind. That’s where we come in.

We know finding the right health plan can be time consuming and confusing. As an independent you didn’t have a benefits department…until now. Our passion is helping you find the best plan for you, at the best price so you get the care you need. 

We offer you peace of mind so that you can focus on following your dreams, knowing that we’ve got you covered.

The Details: What We Do for You

Explore what makes us different. You might just find that we’re a dream come true.
  • Revolutionary

  • Designed for
    Independent Workers

  • Built on Transparency
    and Simplicity


The Power of Choice: Find the best of the best

Get access to the largest selection of plan options. We offer an entirely new realm of possibilities for independents.

Clear Comparison: Understand your options

Your Benefits Concierge will search every plan on, as well as major medical plans, then compare them all for you – for free.

New Possibilities: Explore the health share revolution

You’ll also have access to a new class of benefits through ClearShare, that offers great benefits at lower prices.

All Day and Night: Connect with healthcare anytime

Our plans include free 24/7 telemedicine and mental healthcare with Talkspace.

Designed for
Independent Workers

Custom Plans: Pay for only what you need

We build you a plan that covers exactly what you need, including dental & vision options normally not available to independent workers.

Call the Shots: Enroll year-round

With so many options, we have plans that work around your schedule.

Flexibility: Access care anytime, anywhere

We know that there’s never a standard day. Flexibility matters. With the widest range of choices, and 24/7 telemedicine available, you can find care wherever & whenever.

Manage On-the-Go: Integrated and easy app

Seamlessly access all your benefits from one place with our health benefits mobile app.

Built on Transparency
and Simplicity

Approvals Everywhere: Feel reassured

ClearShare is a nonprofit with a mission to support your health and help cover your medical expenses. No gotchas here.

Unparalleled Care Support: Rest easy; we’ve got your back

With Clearwater Care Coordination, it’s like having a personal assistant for your healthcare needs. We’ll help you find a high quality provider for your labs, imaging, and major procedures. When you use a provider we recommend, your care is free!

Ultimate Transparency: Know exactly what to expect

We have nothing to hide. We offer you easy and clear pricing & benefits, with no fees or markups – ever.

Your Interests Come First: Find your fit

Any plan and every plan. As the only full-service benefits platform for independents, we are here to help every step - your concierge is always just a call away. Best of all, our services are complimentary, no matter what type of plan you choose.
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Introducing ClearShare

Welcome to ClearShare: Community-powered healthcare coverage

The Simple Logistics

Contribute a fixed monthly amount to the community
When you have eligible medical expenses, submit your need online
ClearShare pays your provider directly

What is ClearShare?

ClearShare plans are just one of the many innovative plans we can offer independent workers.

ClearShare is a healthshare; a nonprofit, membership-based community of individuals established to share eligible healthcare expenses among the community. ClearShare is not insurance, but offers great benefits and up to 60% savings in fixed medical costs. 

The future of insurance is actually, well, not insurance. It’s caring and sharing.

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Discover ClearShare

  • What Makes ClearShare Great

  • Getting Started with ClearShare

What Makes ClearShare Great

ClearShare isn’t insurance - it’s assurance. Welcome to our little revolution.

Get the most comprehensive benefits of any health share: Most health shares only provide benefits for the major events like surgeries. That didn’t sit right with us, so we developed a health share that includes more major and minor events, office visits, labs, and medications.


  • Save up to 60%
  • Choose any doctor and facility - really, any - for major procedures
  • Care Coordination – like having a personal assistant for your major healthcare needs. When you use providers we recommend, your care can be completely free!
  • No annual or lifetime sharing limits
  • Free 24/7 telemedicine
  • Virtual Mental healthcare included with Talkspace
  • Variety of plans available to customize to your needs
  • Each new member relieves $10,000 in medical debt for those in need

Getting Started with ClearShare

ClearShare isn’t insurance - it’s assurance. Welcome to our little revolution.

The first step is checking whether our health share program suits you. ClearShare is one of the most inclusive health shares so chances are it will!

Is ClearShare for You?

  • You are under 65.
  • You haven’t experienced any major conditions in the past 12 months.
  • You are aligned to ClearShare’s values of honoring oneself and promoting health.
  • You don’t qualify for subsidized plans on We will help you find any reduced rate or free plans - free is always best, and we will get that for you first!
  • You want to save money (yes, we see your hand raised).

Love from Our Community

Hear it from our members: There’s lots to love.
I’m already saving $$$, plus the health benefits are much better. This is truly one of the best decisions I’ve made.
Jesse G.
We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. We believe the value and the very specific-to-us plan is perfect for what we need and fits in our budget nicely.
Brandon W.

They listened to my needs and assisted me in choosing the best plan for me and my family!

Maureen W.
I was amazed at how low the monthly payment was, so I signed up right away -  one of the fastest and best decisions I have made!
Anastasia S.

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