Clearwater Member Testimonial: Joe Sinnona

August 01 2023
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"Healthcare & Happiness Come Hand-in-Hand" with Realtor Health Insurance 



What could you do with another $1,000 a month? Or $12,000 a year?

That type of extra cash flow can go a long way toward paying for practical expenses and memorable fun.  For eXP realtor Joe Sinnona, savings like this meant not just new dental care for his children, but a family trip to Italy, too. Flights, a villa, the works. 

So how was Joe able to generate this extra income?

By switching to Clearwater Benefits for his realtor health insurance.

“Clearwater has made it easier for me, and taken off the [financial] burden from my shoulders,” he says. 

Prior to Clearwater, Joe was paying $1850 a month with traditional healthcare insurance. Now? He’s paying $791 per month to cover his wife, two children, and himself. 

Added up over a full year, that’s more than $12,000 extra for the Sinnona family each year in savings after switching to Clearwater Benefits.



Life Before Clearwater Benefits



Juggling spending priorities to account for high health insurance premiums



A New York-based realtor for more that 30 years, Joe is the Vice President of the Long Island Board of Realtors, and a former Director for the National Association of Realtors. He’s also the sole breadwinner for his family of four. 

Prior to joining Clearwater Benefits, Joe was getting his healthcare through the traditional marketplace, paying $22,200 a year in premiums for his wife, two children and himself.

“Under the old health care pricing, I used to say to say, ‘wow, I’m taking care of one thing, and I’m hurting the other.’” Budgeting was more difficult.  He had to worry about things like braces for his two children. The family had to make sacrifices.

It took a toll on Joe, and his biggest champion: his wife. She would also see the stress caused by such high health care costs.

“It was a struggle for her to see me struggle,” Joe says. 



Since Switching to Clearwater



More money and less stress for Joe and other realtors



Under Clearwater, Joe doesn’t have to make those difficult choices. 

“Now, it’s like ‘don’t worry honey, I’m OK,” Joe says. “Because this $1,000 plus burden is off my shoulders, and I don’t have to worry so much.”

In addition to trips to Italy and braces, Joe’s able to divert the extra money that once went to health care premiums toward other things for his family. That includes new clothing, food and even for a down payment for a new home. 

Not only does Joe take care of his family, he also looks out for his fellow eXp agents and candidates, many whom have difficulty with the high costs of traditional insurance. 

“Some people I know don’t even have it,” Joe says. 

By showing how much he and his family have personally gained from Clearwater Benefits, Joe can use health care as a way to recruit new agents to his team.

“I’m like a living testimonial to Clearwater,” he says. “I want to share it with the people who really can’t afford [traditional] health care insurance. 



How Clearwater Helped When Joe Needed It Most



The true test of your healthcare plan often comes when a medical situation comes up. For Joe, it was when his wife had a gallbladder episode that led to a serious inflammation of her pancreas. 

Shortly after she was admitted for care, Joe started getting calls, “asking me about payments. ‘How are you going to pay for this?’” he says. 

Stressful stuff. 

“[Clearwater] told me to just take care of my wife, that everything was covered,” Joe says. “Everything was covered. Even in the aftermath, she had to go back up for a follow up, and that was covered.”

Clearwater has given Joe new options. It’s given him peace of mind, financially and emotionally.

“Health care and happiness come hand-in-hand together now for the Sinonna family,” he says. 




Want to experience the type of satisfaction and savings experienced by Clearwater members like Joe Sinonna? Book a call with a Clearwater plan expert for a 1:1 consultation today.

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